We have decided to postpone the Big Reunion until 2021.  This is our reasoning:

  • Reunions are times for crowds and hugs-just the kinds of behaviors that lead to viral transmission.
  • Many of us are of an age that is more prone to serious or life threatening illness from the COVID-19 virus
  • Even if the rate of infection is less and business is back to normal, it is unlikely that a vaccine or “cure” will be available at that time.
  • We think that fewer people would come to enjoy the reunion this year because of the COVID-19 virus


Therefore the next Rousey Big Reunion in Kentucky will be July 16th-18th 2021.  Please pass this information on to those who may not have internet access.


Plan now to join us for Rousey Family fun, activities and food in 2021


The Kentucky Rouseys