• Jordan Rousey purchased part of the farm in 1860.
  • Patrick Camden “Cam” Rousey purchased the farm after Jordans death in 1864.  In 1875 and 1877 Cam added 1500 acres and 1150 acres for a total of 2754 acres.
  • After Cam’s death in 1881, part of the farm was sold in 1882, 1883, 1899 & 1900 to settle Cam’s estate.
  • His son William Riley Rousey purchased part of the farm and added 68 acres of the Durham Hollow from M.E. Durham.
  • After William Riley’s death in March 1953, his son Lloyd Carl & Tina Rousey purchased the farm on June 31, 1953.
  • Lloyd & Tina sold 1/2 interest to his son Robert & June Rousey on May 21, 1955.  Later, he sold the other half to Robert also.
  • Since the death of Robert in 2001, the farm is in a trust operated by his family.

Submitted by Patrick Allen Rousey

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