For Changes to the Website:

Barbara Rousey Jeffries


Patrick Allen & Mildred Rousey

Patrick has spearheaded the countrywide Rousey reunion every four years since 1984
280 Railroad St,
Hustonville, KY 40437

David & Sherry Rousey Anderson

Sherry is Patrick & Mildred’s daughter.  She will be involved in registration and many other aspects of this year’s reunion
224 Waveland Avenue
Danville, KY  40422

June Dowell Rousey

June strives to continue the work that she her late husband, Robert, started at the old homeplace in Butchertown, to make it a family/community place to rest, hike, play and enjoy nature.

PO Box 489,
Liberty, KY 42539

Danny & Barbara Rousey Jeffries

Barbara is Robert and June’s oldest daughter who has a son to help put this web site together.  She will handle most of the communication -letters,emails etc prior to the reunion.

27 Fairway View Drive
Liberty KY 42539


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